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Fundraising Support from our Parents and Community
In addition to the financial support of our parents,
AVMS PTSA has received support from local merchants. 
Listed below are links to information about these efforts including the
School wide Programs
Community Programs
Ralphs gives a percentage of money you are already spending to AVMS.  Please enroll at Here are instructions to help you select AVMS as your choice for their
Community Contribution Program. It is now February 2019, we have over 1000 students and only 
13 families are signed up with Ralphs at this time.  Last quarter Ralphs donated $118, 
imagine how much more we would get if we had 130 families or 500 families! 
It is an opportunity we are very fortunate to have, so please enroll and let Ralphs donate 
money you are already spending to us for no extra charge. 
I know many of you shop at Ralphs, please take the time to sign up, this money
helps in your child’s education and you are already spending it. 
The mention of any business or service on this website does not imply endorsement by PTA.
PTA does not endorse, warrant or recommend any of these products. PTA will receive a small percentage of every sale. If you decide to purchase any products, we thank you."
 PTAs raise funds to support PTA Programs.
PTAs mission is not fundraising
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